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Online Exhibitor Manual Benefit events organizers
OEM - Online Exhibitor Manual
Benefit events Organizers
OEM virtually eliminates the time and expense associated with printing, distributing and following up on a paper manual. Furthermore, exhibitor satisfaction is improved and show organizers are freed to focus on other revenue generating projects.


  1. OEM is tailored expressly for each show to include all show information and order forms in addition to appropriate corporate images and show identification.
  2. Online distribution of the manual saves time and money.
  3. OEM online distribution is “easy” on the environment.
  4. Content may be quickly and easily updated when changes occur.
  5. Valuable information – inactive exhibitors, the status of orders/forms. And other indicators of exhibitor show preparedness is at show organizers’ fingertips making their job easier and improving service levels.
  6. OEM real time report able to help organizers to react fast and save time for updating.
  7. On-site customer service issues are minimized by eliminating most errors at their source.
  8. OEM increases the total show and exhibition image.                                         For more information please click here

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